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"Jamie Kovacs is the Andy Warhol of Collages"-Kimberly Lee

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Art Statement

Kovacs Art Studios is a sole proprietorship, owned by Jamie Kovacs. Jamie is a passionate, contemporary artist of Hungarian heritage. Her dynamic, and highly textural collages have been exhibited in the US and sold worldwide. My strength is transforming photographs into beautiful and kick ass collages which both giver and recipient appreciate.


Kovacs Art Studios not only does collages but continues to revel in new series now which will be 3-4 years’ worth of ideas being brought to canvas.


Jamie Kovács is a passionate collage and mixed media artist, originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Inspired by her love of pop icons and the unique beauty she sees in everything; her highly textural abstract works often evoke the iconic joy brought to us by the cinema or musicians and sometimes just nature in general.

Kovács has concentrated on pop art through collage. Her collages explore a unique technique of using hand ripped magazine paper and glue. She absolutely loves music and movies and comic books and well; anything geeky, so a lot of these pieces are based on musicians, actors, and iconic people. She continues to build her portfolio by working as large as she can and for as long as she can do it. She is constantly evolving these collages into different styles. Just recently her new style involves 3-D collage, which involves sculpting Styrofoam, and hand ripped recycled magazine paper. Jamie has been labeled as the Andy Warhol of Collages.

Her collages explore themes such as the symbolism and the significance of life and different belief systems. Her large-scale abstract works often include recycled reminders of her love and interests in bits of paper, or eco-friendly / organic materials. Manipulating the texture with many layers of paint and glue and Styrofoam, she will work and re-work her canvases, layering, scraping, piling up textures to give added dimension, creating works that intrigue and invite the viewer in for closer inspection.

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