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Create a focal point in your room through art

 Hand made by Jamie, with devotion & attention to detail.

Jamie’s custom, hand- made portraits captures the  personality in a way that brings joy with every glance. People, Places or things. All that is needed is a photograph Some pieces can be 3D as well. 

  • Individually hand ripped magazine paper and glue with sealant on panel

  • Free shipping within the continental US; at-cost shipping elsewhere. Contact us for details.

  • Not seeing the options you need? Please contact us to request a quote.


When you commission a portrait, you agree to be bound by the process in which the art is created, the time, payment, customer supplied photo, portrait changes, no refunds, portrait completion timeline. Once you fill out the form I will send you the Kovacs Art Studio's Agreement.


Choose Portrait Options



  1. Select size and options

  2. Upload your photo(s) (15MB or less.jpeg or pdf)

  3. Click Add to Cart

  4. Proceed to checkout on our secure site


Ready to commission (order) your  portrait? Scroll down to form


For 3D pieces please email me at

Any size you want. Please email me with size you want so I can get back to you with a quote)

Ready to commission (order) your portrait? Choose your options now or any questions email

***Payment options are available but you will have to contact email above. 

Your Details

Commission a piece of art down below

If you are interested in commissioning a piece of original artwork or would like to learn more about Jamie Kovacs' creative process, please complete the form below.-Thank you.

What type of art are you looking for?

Canvas Direction



Sizes are in inches

Upload any reference or inspiration in jpeg or PDF or TIFF (15MB)

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