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Which Direction to Move Forward

Commissions are finishing up...for now (check out my commission and store section on my site) and I'm moving ahead. My first step now that my site is done, is to hit up 2 very big prospective corporations for sponsorship for very large projects. Once the proposal is written it will be time to contact them. Cross your fingers. Big plans.

Second. I want to start showing in Los Angeles galleries to start. I have this amazing series I want to start, well I have a few series I want to start but not sure which one to share with the potential galleries or do I share all of them and let them decide? Then there is the production of these pieces. Do I build the series first? or contact galleries first. I think I should make a few first then approach the galleries. What do you think?

Third. Organizing. I need someone to come an organize my art space as well as home. I am one person, and two full time jobs (day job that I love and my art job) take all of my time and energy, so help will be needed.

I am really excited to be fulfilling my dreams. I feel I am at the point where I can call myself a professional artist. I get to do what I love and wow the pants off of people with mere paper. So keep following my blogs. I will try and do them weekly but will see if I have time. Also check back in October some time because I will be posting the install of my 8ft X 8ft commission I worked on this past year. It is absolutely one of my best pieces.

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