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“I fell in love with both Jamie and her incredible work at an event in Los Angeles a few years ago. Jamie has a unique collage process that brings new life to the "Classic Hollywood" actors and famous scenes. While these classics are her passion, I believe she could anything you like in a style all of her own.”

Victoria Adams

“April 16, 2016, on his birthday, Merle Haggard died.  Merle is my absolute favorite musician, and I was searching for a poster or graphic of him to hang on my office wall.  I was introduced to Jamie Kovacs and her unique artwork; the craft of tearing up paper into tiny little pieces and reassembling them into graphic depictions of famous people, with a twist. I asked her to make me one of Merle Haggard.  Jamie’s colorful personality is reflected in this work of art, I hung it directly across from my desk where I catch glimpses of it regularly. The intricacy of the many colored, tiny, shards of torn paper placed oh so carefully, capture the essence of the troubadour whose music I so cherish. My eye is often drawn from the overall portrait view to the smallest piece of paper and back out again, often accompanied by work related thoughts and reflections.  I treasure my work of art and am pleased with the quality of the piece and the artistic flair put into its making.  It is truly one-of-a-kind.”

Albert Carrillo

“I am so pleased with my amazing, one-of-a-kind piece created by this talented up-and-coming artist. It is such a unique and colorful piece of art that we will always cherish.”

Jeany Duff

“This work of art is one of the most unique and special gifts I have ever received. The quality of work is outstanding and has held up beautifully over the years. I look forward to having one made of each of my children and would absolutely recommend this as a special and one-of-a-kind gift.”

Ramsay Green

“The Johnny Cash piece that Jamie did for us is a real attention grabber, it blends beautifully with our decor but stands out as the center piece of the room. It never fails to be noticed by first time guest to our home and always prompts questions about who made it and how. It blends a classic design that doesn’t contrast with the rest of the room, but still stands out as something special and unique.”

David Westmorland

"Jamie Kovacs' ability to construct a moment through her medium of collage is unparalleled. As a contemporary artist, her dynamic pop art is imbued with a sense of nostalgia while bringing an added dimension of complex emotion that a photograph can't quite capture. I was lucky enough to receive a custom piece by Jamie where she re-created a breathtaking tableau from a live performance of the R&B singer, Nao. Jamie as a professional and individual is an absolute delight to interact with and you can trust her artistic vision to produce something that's above and beyond. Any pop art enthusiast deserves a Jamie Kovacs piece to begin or add to their collection."

Sam Albert

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